Food Related Links

Feeding America is a website wherein “The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum have partnered to create an online collection of some of the most influential and important American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The goal of this project is to make these materials available to a wider audience. Digital images of the pages of each cookbook are available as well as full-text transcriptions and the ability to search within the books, across the collection, in order to find specific information.”…the name says it all. Many links to resources and recipes. A very fun and interesting page because of its wealth of links.

History Cooks, or “Paleocuisineology” is a website for people who love cooking and history. Features the book The Food Journal of Lewis and Clark with supporting online info, including recipes, classroom activities, etc.

HushPuppyNation is devoted to the history and culture of Southern > food. It is a series of recipes copied from original cookbooks in Rick McDaniel’s private collection that the copyright has expired or that were never copyrighted and are in the public domain.

Books2Eat is the online presence for The International Edible Book Festival, a yearly event that takes place on April 1 throughout the world. This event unites bibliophiles, book artists and food lovers to celebrate the ingestion of culture and its fulfilling nourishment. Participants create edible books that are exhibited, documented then consumed.

In Mama’s Kitchen is an online project. They write, “Our recipes are heirloom recipes. They come from our mothers, reflecting our genealogy. They have evolved, as civilization has evolved, reflecting hard times, good times, and the imaginative use of available, seasonal fruits and vegetables. They come from every corner of the globe, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and all have been developed in a home kitchen.”

LondonFoodFilmFiesta is a site that “connects a love of the arts with the passion for food and drink.” It has pages about Art and Food, Film and Food, Music and Food, Literature and Food, etc.

The Los Angeles Public Library has an online pictoral database of historic menus. See it to search it! The University of Washington has its own version, and so does Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration.